a love note

A Love Note to Our Past Attendees

We’re back for the THIRD annual Pitch, Publish, & Promote Writer’s Conference, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Everything is in full swing!

We are always striving to uncover the next best thing in publishing, and 2018 has been a crazy, wild, exciting year for us! After each year’s conference, we sit down and discuss how we can evolve One Idea Press and next year’s conference, making it bigger and better for you! After the last conference, we had a real light bulb moment—the idea we’d been waiting for came to us—so we laid low and have been on the grind since, re-structuring One Idea Press and our approach to publishing. Our idea: experienced-based publishing.


What we've been up to:

When this concept hit us, we realized we were the best guinea pigs to showcase exactly what we mean by the term “experience-based publishing,” because honestly, experiences are what we’re always trying to create anyways! Lindsey’s new book, Eat Your Feelings, came out with St. Martin’s Press in January, and she launched a 6-month book tour to compliment the release, hosting unique dinner parties all around the country, inviting people in to experience her book and the true meaning and essence of it. One Idea Press released Amanda’s debut poetry collection, Blue Rooms, in June, just a month before it was adapted and produced into a stage production that premiered at the Carnegie Library & Music Hall. This is where we’ve been this year—working hard, creating experiences around our books, pulling the words off the page and manifesting them into real-life, cultivating the skills it takes to help you create your own experiences—and it’s been an incredible journey!


we have so many surprises in store for you at this year's pitch, publish, & promote!

Now that we’ve showcased our concept for our next move in publishing, we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s Pitch, Publish, & Promote, and we have so many new things in store for this year’s conference! But we also know that none of this would be possible without all of you—the writers and creatives who have supported us over the years, who have bought tickets, who have come to our retreats, who have participated in our workshops—and we are so very grateful for you all! You make Pitch, Publish, & Promote possible each and every year. You make it possible for us to explore our creativity, and you believe in us to help guide you through your own process of storytelling. So, we want to say thank you.


Thank you for sticking by our side, for believing in our vision, for helping us grow and evolve, for cheering us on, and for simply being you—a beautiful community of creative writers with mega talent and big dreams. We love you!


Love + gratitude,